An Education with a Difference

Young Eagles Christian Academy

Focussed on the Higher Life

Education with a Difference

Individualised Education

Learning material tailor made to the student’s level of achievement. An individualised prescription of work.

Accelerated Curriculum

Self-study curriculum where learning is the constant and time is the variable. Student progress based on his own level of achievement.

Biblically Based

Eduction rooted in and built on the Word of God. Students are equipped to establish a Biblical Wordview.


Academic Mastery

Academics focussed on learning. Students learn to master and then master their learning at a high level of achievement.

Global Recognition

A quality educational experience that is comparable to Cambridge A Levels – the highest pre-tertiary educational qualification.

Values Based Learning

Character traits are built in. Biblical values are formed. Students are prepared to deal with life’s joys and challenges.

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Pastor Tresville and Ma’am Heidi received the 20 years service award for Young Eagles last week at Administrators Convention. ... See MoreSee Less

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Sharon Hancocks
Your talent is God's gift to you, what you do with it is your gift back to God
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The Wall
Catherine Glover

The wall of Jericho was high, wide and basically impenetrable.
But when the Israelites trusted God and did what He instructed, the wall came down.
We today have walls to face too.
They might not be real walls, but it might be something else, like your school work, your friends, or even home.

There are just certain things that we can’t fix, that no one can fix. This is the "wall" that God must conquer for you. But first of all, you need to come to Him with your problem and you must listen to what He tells you to do.
If the Israelites had listened the first time they were at Jericho, they would have been in their Promised Land long ago.

Don’t make the same mistake they did, listen to God the first time.
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We serve a good Father.

We are made in His image and each and everyone has been made unique.

We are loved by Him, that is who we are.

You are special!
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