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Young Eagles Christian Academy

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Education with a Difference

Individualised Education

Learning material tailor made to the student’s level of achievement. An individualised prescription of work.

Accelerated Curriculum

Self-study curriculum where learning is the constant and time is the variable. Student progress based on his own level of achievement.

Biblically Based

Eduction rooted in and built on the Word of God. Students are equipped to establish a Biblical Wordview.


Academic Mastery

Academics focussed on learning. Students learn to master and then master their learning at a high level of achievement.

Global Recognition

A quality educational experience that is comparable to Cambridge A Levels – the highest pre-tertiary educational qualification.

Values Based Learning

Character traits are built in. Biblical values are formed. Students are prepared to deal with life’s joys and challenges.

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Outing to Intaka Island.
Gr 5-9 had such an awesome time and learned so much from the amazing people there.
Very well worth the visit.
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Albert Benecke
16 April 2018

There are products out there that look like the genuine brands but if you look closer, you will see how cheap and fake they really are. People are sometimes duped into buying them and realize too late that it is not the original.

This is a bit like trusting in a dishonest person.
They seem on the level and come across as a good Christian, but a bit like the boy who cried wolf, their dishonesty catches up with them.
We cannot allow ourselves to become a “fake” Christian.

1 John 1:6
“So we are lying if we say we have fellowship with God but go on living in spiritual darkness; we are not practicing the truth.”

John‬ ‭4:24‬ ‭NLT‬‬
“For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.””
We cannot say we love God and never do what He asks.

Take this as a challenge this week, week out a genuine relationship with God, don’t fall for knock-off’s.
Have a blessed week everyone!
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Chapel 10 April
Sharon Hancocks

Before he became a lawyer, Abraham Lincoln worked as a store clerk. He was dependable and honest, and the owner of the
store trusted him to run it. The customers in the store knew Abe would not lie about anything he sold.
One day, a lady came into the store. She bought what she needed and left. When Abe closed shop for the night, he found he
had six extra cents. He looked at his sales for the day and realized he had given the lady the wrong amount of change. Those
six cents belonged to her!
Abe looked at the six pennies. It wasn’t very much money. Besides, it was late at night, and the lady lived three miles away.
But he knew what he should do.
Abe finished closing up and walked three miles to the lady’s house. The lady was shocked when she opened the door. “Abe
Lincoln, what are you doing all the way out here?” she asked.
“This belongs to you,”Abe answered as he gave her the money. “I accidentally gave you the wrong change today, so I came
out here to make it right.”
“You came all the way out here to bring me six cents?!” she exclaimed. “Thank you!”
Another day, Abe was reading a book when a lady came to buy tea. He measured it out for her and then went back to his
book. He later noticed the weights on the scale were wrong and he had not given her enough tea.
He quickly measured out the rest of the tea, closed
the shop, and went to the lady’s house to give her
the rest of her tea. Word of Abe’s truthfulness spread
throughout the town.
When the owner of the store died, he owed a lot of
money. The two men who should have paid the debt
ran away, leaving Abe the responsibility.
Technically, Abe did not have to pay the debts, but he
decided a good name was important to keep, so he
began working in order to pay off the money.
The people of the town gave him extra jobs gathering
crops, cutting wood, and grinding wheat at a mill so
that he could earn money.
It took Abe 17 years to pay off the debt, but he never
gave up. Abe’s truthfulness earned him the nickname,
“Honest Abe.”

You decide how you are going to live, so we must ask ourselves, what kind of name do we have?

Proverbs 12:19
Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment.

Have a blessed week everyone!
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Term 2 here we go!
We are so blessed that everyone came back safely from their Easter holidays.
Please comment and let us know what interesting things your family did this holiday and how you celebrated Easter.
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