Curriculum Features


Biblically Integration & Character Building

Our curriculum is founded on the Word of God. All our learning books are integrated with Biblical principles and values. Scripture is the foundation of all learning. Character traits such as honesty, kindness and loyalty are taught within the content of all support materials. The learner observes Godly living in the Christian character illustrations and applies these lessons to their own lives.

Individualized Learning

Each child is unique. Two learners might be the same age, but they might not perform on the same academic level. Each learner is treated as an individual with unique learning styles, God-given abilities and talents. Our curriculum is tailor-made for the individual in order to accommodate each learner’s individual capabilities. Each individual, whether a fast or slow worker, will be able to achieve success.

Self-Instructional, Modular Units

Our curriculum material is bite-sized, achievable work booklets. These units are self-instructional. Learners can work in each unit as an individual on their own. They do not have to wait for fellow class mates. Learners complete the required activities utilising their own academic capability. Learners are informed from the first page what is expected in the unit and assumes full responsibility for their own learning.

Academic Mastering

Each work unit should be mastered and all learning outcomes fully achieved before engaging with new content. Throughout each unit, the learner will be assessed in various built-in check points. Upon completion of all activities and assessments, the student will write the unit test whereby a score of at least 80% needs to be achieved before moving on to the next unit. Through academic mastering the learner achieves a high standard of education.

Extra Curricular Assignments

The learner will be required to complete additional assignments and projects. These are designed to aid in the whole person development of the learner. Topics for the assignments, projects, tasks, group-work, orals, essays and practicals are chosen to be real-world examples of specialized academics, or relevant and cultural significant material geared to give special awareness to a specific content or theme.

CAPS Compliant / A-Level Comparison

Our curriculum program covers the outcomes and minimum standards prescribed by the Department of Education in South Africa. An independent academic body in the UK has benchmarked the quality of our curriculum and found it comparable to Cambridge A-Level. Upon completing all work required and graduating, learners will be able to apply and attend further education at universities or colleges locally and internationally.

The Need for Diagnosis

Based upon a learner’s academic history a learner may have certain areas of learning which needs special attention in order to effectively progress in his/her work. Leaving these learning gaps unattended may create a challenge later in his scholastic education. Through the aid of the Diagnostic Tests, we can identify the area(s) where a learner needs to focus on. A learner’s true Performance Level is hereby determined and specific curriculum materials that address the learning gaps are prescribed which will ensure a firm foundation on which to build.

Reading Readiness Test

This test is given to anyone going to Grade 1. The outcome of the test will determine whether a learner is ready to commence with his training in the skills of reading and literacy.

Diagnostic Test

Diagnostic Testing is required for all applying learners from grade 2 level. The subjects tested are the following: Mathematics, English, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Afrikaans and Word Building (Spelling).

Chronological vs Performance Levels

At Young Eagles we are interested in placing a Learner on his/her real Performance Level. This will enable a learner to perform and master his/her academic work. Learners are not merely placed based upon his/her age and Chronological Level while ignoring all areas in which learning gaps have been created through the previous years. When sufficient time and energy is spent to address these learning gaps, the learner will be better equipped to address the challenges of the higher academic levels. With hard work and endurance, this process will pay off in the long run.

Curriculum Benefits


Academic Excellence


Individualised Instruction


Accelerated Learning


Mastery-Based Learning


Biblically Founded


Character Building


Computer-Enhanced Learning


Higher Order Thinking Skills


Diagnostic Prescription


Cambridge A-Levels Comparable

Curriculum Partners

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New Additions

In addition to the ACE Curriculum, we are now introducing:

Comprehend Africa

An online CAPS aligned curriculum for learners Grade 4-7.

To find out more please visit

AEE Online

An online CAPS curriculum for learners Grade 8 – 12 providing a NSC Grade 12 Qualification.

To find out more please visit

All Africa Student Convention
More than 2000 learners from all across Africa and Scandinavia gather for one awesome, life-changing week for fun, excitement and competitions. There are more than a 160 different events in which to participate. Every night the learners attend Evening Rallies which include great time of worship, awesome ministry items from the students and inspirational guest speakers who challenge learners to live for Christ. Each learner is required to attend two All Africa Student Conventions in their high school years towards graduation.
Junior Convention
In preparation towards the All Africa Student Convention, the Western Cape hosts a gathering for younger learners in the form of the Junior Convention. For an entire week learners have fun and excitement as they participate in different competitive events, giving them a wonderful opportunity to reach their potential. The Junior Convention is filled with playful mascots in the form of Servantix, Servantina and friends. It is definitely a week that young learners cannot afford to miss!
International Student Convention
The International Student Convention is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Students who qualify to attend through outstanding achievement at the annual All Africa Student Convention will enjoy this awesome week of fun, making friends from around the globe. Dynamic speakers challenge students to grow in their walk with Christ, and lives are forever changed as lifelong commitments are made. Students also have the opportunity to stay on in the USA as the group tours places and see the sights such as Washington, New York and Disney World.

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