Registration Process

Thank you for your interest shown in Young Eagles Christian Academy. For your ease of mind, allow us the opportunity to guide you in the procedures for Application. Follow these easy steps as indicated below and we will have your Application completed in no time.


Have the Right Attitude

We are looking for learners who are positive, uplifting, and encouraging. They should be kind and friendly, eager to work hard and be obedient. He or she should be rooted in the Christian faith. Active involvement in Church and/or community is a great plus.  Attitude in life determines your altitude.


Parent Partnership

The role of educating a child is first-most the responsibility of the parents. The foundation of Christian training needs to be built at home. Always be praying for the school, never break down the school in any way or form, but work with us as we work towards the same goal. Parents who freely assist in volunteer work are a real blessing.


Ready to Commit

We are interested in holistic development of your child(ren) from Grade R right through to matric. We commit and pour out our energy and passion to see young minds and hearts come alive. We require parents who are willing to take this journey of development with us – no matter how tedious and strenuous it might be at times. We want parents who commit to the long haul.

Follow these steps

  1. As a start, complete the following Forms: A, B & C
  2. Arrange for a personal interview at the School. Bring the completed Application Forms together with any other supporting documents regarding the learner’s progress.
  3. A non-refundable Application Fee is payable upon application.
  4. Schedule for School Readiness Tests or a Diagnostic Test.
  5. A follow-up interview will be required to discuss the outcome of the Tests and a placement.
  6. Upon your successful admission complete the remaining Registration Forms D & E. The Registration Fees are now payable.
  7. Arrange a bank guaranteed Stop Order to pay the monthly school fees and provide the school with a copy.
  8. Attend the next YECA Information Evening and Parent Orientation.

Application Forms

If you feel you meet the above initial requirements, download our Application for Admissions Form here below. Agree to the terms and conditions set forth. Your application will be assessed and interviews with both parents and the child will follow. If the application is successful, we will need to do diagnostic testing to determine his/her performance level.

Registration and Application Fee

We do charge an application fee to register any learner. The registration process requires us to verify if all the criteria are met and all parties involved are satisfied with the proposed agreement. Please be aware that we will work on a first come basis. Should the application be rejected on any grounds, Young Eagles Christian Academy will refund the full application fee.

Download Registration Forms here

You can download and fill out the forms. Once all fields are completed, you can hand it in to the desired Campus.


Careful consideration is made in screening of all learners. It is against South African laws to discriminate a learner based on race or colour. Due to our strong Biblical foundation and Christian ethos, we would prefer learners and parents ready to submit to our conviction.  Young Eagles Christian Academy reserve the right to disclose or withhold the reason(s) for any denial of application.